The Lingaraj Mandir is located is a generously spaced courtyard sprawling over 25, 0000 square feet. The courtyard is bastioned by sturdy walls. The exquisitely carved tower of the temple, shoots up to a height of 180 feet. Inside the sanctum sanctorum is enshrined the Shivalingam that is ar ound 8 inches in height, above the floor level and is around 8 feet in diameter. In the north-west direction of the courtyard is located the Bhagawati Temple.

The Lingaraja Temple is visited by the devotees each day. There is a constraint is the total number of worship services that can be conducted in a particular day and is limited to 22. Once a year, the shivalingam is taken to the Jalamandir which is right in the center of the Bindu Sagar Lake.

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