The Brahmeswar Mandir illustrates the innovative and mature style of temple architecture in Orissa. The temple stands in the midst of a courtyard and is flanked by smaller structures. One of the remarkable features of the temple is its tower that shoots up to a height of 18 meters. It was during the construction of this temple that iron beams, as means of support, were used by the builders. The Brahmeswar Mandir is the second temple after Mukteshwara that flaunts an intricately carved Jagamohana. The sculptures that grace the temple are extremely detailed and corroborate the skilled workmanship of the Orissan artists. The Brahmeswar Mandir shows a striking similarity with the Raj Rani Mandir in the erotic sculptures that are used as adornments in both of them. Besides these there are the figurines of dancers and musicians with the lion-head motif used quite liberally.

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